How to Change Emoji Variant on GBWhatsApp

In today's WhatsApp-centric world, expressing emotions without uttering a word is often done through emojis. Users enjoy conveying their feelings using various emoji styles, depicting happiness, attitude, anger, and more. However, a significant drawback is that the official WhatsApp hasn’t incorporated new emojis into its app, leading people to opt for modified versions like “GB WhatsApp.” This alternative allows users to enhance their conversations with a diverse range of new and expressive emoji styles.

In GBWhatsApp, you have the flexibility to alter the emoji style. This modified version offers six different emoji style options for its users, namely, “WhatsApp, iOS New 2023, One, Facebook, Snaptik, Android O, and System Emoji (BETA).” Users of the GB app can select their preferred style to use on any device.

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Emoji Variant on GBWhatsApp

  1. Open GBWhatsApp and select the “Three dots” located in the upper right corner.
  2. From the presented options, choose “GBSettings.”
  3. From the subsequent options, select “Universal.”
  4. Then, tap on “Styles.” Here, you’ll see six emoji variants.
  5. Choose your preferred one from “WhatsApp, iOS New 2023, One, Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (BETA).”
  6. Finally, restart your modded WhatsApp, and the emoji variant will be updated.


The GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is the most recent modified version offering users enhanced features and privacy options. It introduces multiple “Emoji Variants,” allowing users to experience both Facebook and iPhone emoji styles within one messaging app. To incorporate these styles on your Android device, simply follow the steps we've detailed above.

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