How to Update GBWhatsApp

Are you sick of the old features of gbwhatsapp? If yes then you should be glad to know that today I am here to introduce you to an outstanding and updated version of gbwhatsapp. Everyone is aware of the benefits of social media applications in their daily life and among all WhatsApp has a separate fan base, but because of restrictions offered here people started looking for third-party applications and gbwhatsapp is among the most popular applications.

It did overcome many restrictions offered in official applications For here users are allowed to hide their online and typing status, similarly, they are also allowed to disable double tick options so that no one can notice their online activities. There were incredible features in this application but it is human nature to crave more, now users are looking for an updated and modified version of gbwhatsapp where they can enjoy new marvelous and incredible features, so considering the demands of gbwhatsapp users creators have created another updated version of gbwhatsapp where users will find their demanded features and can satisfy their cravings for more features.

This updated version works similarly to the previous one, it has new eye-catching themes to make your chatting experience more reliable and satisfying. This updated version allows you to text someone without saving their contact in your device, you can disable blue tick options this way you can read messages without being noticed, there are many other captivating features and you will surely love to enjoy these features for a better chatting experience.

You can follow below mentioned steps to install a new updated version of gbwhatsapp on your device, you do not have to delete the old version to install the updated one. if you are already using gbwhatsapp follow these steps:

  • For updating purposes, you have to open the old gbwhatsapp you are using currently.
  • After opening this application, you will see three dots in the top corner you have to tap on that.
  • After tapping, you will see a list of options in the menu bar, and among those you have to look for gbwhatsapp settings and click on it.
  • In settings now you have to search for the update option and tap on it.
  • After opening the update section now you will be able to see an option to check for updates.
  • You have to tap on check for updates.
  • If you are already using an updated version of gbwhatsapp you will be notified with a short text read as 'you have the latest update'.
  • If your gbwhatsapp is not updated, then after tapping on check for updates, it will start its procedure of downloading the new version.
  • You have to wait a little bit if you have a good internet connection and within no time a new updated version will be downloaded.
  • Once downloading is completed, it will notify you with the install option.
  • You can tap on install and after a few seconds an updated version will be installed on your device and you can use it like the previous one.
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